A research study done years ago led some people to believe that vitamin B5 acne treatments were the best option for those people who wanted

a clear complexion. With the start of this new idea, B5 vitamin side effects began to emerge. Many people spent quite a bit of money on these supplements, and used them for awhile only to find out that some of the side effects were causing even more problems for them… and the treatment wasn’t as effective as they anticipated.

It is difficult to decide on an effective skin care product, because many of the companies that sell these products spend a lot of marketing money in order to convince consumers that their products are the best. Vitamin B5 acne treatments are the perfect example of the confusion that can occur, because the companies were able to convince people to buy and use these products even though they didn’t produce the results that consumers were expecting to see.

B5 Vitamin Side Effects

In order to understand the B5 vitamin side effects, it is necessary to discuss why B5 was used as an acne treatment. It has been suggested that acne is a result of a lack of specific nutrients in the body, and at one point people believed that B5 played a large part in acne development. When B5 is lacking, then it affected the hormones that regulate oil on the skin, causing an increase in the production of the oil glands. So, using vitamin B5 acne pills internally could possibly correct the levels of hormones which in turn would manage the oil production.

The problem is that B5 levels are not the main reason that people experience acne. In fact, the majority of the people that began using B5 didn’t experience the results that they wanted. Instead of clearing up their skin, B5 vitamin side effects occurred making their problems even worse. Vitamin B5 is a necessary water soluble vitamin that can be gained by eating many different types of food, but the recommended dosages were much higher than what the body needs, which caused the side effects to occur.

Some of these B5 vitamin side effects include diarrhea and bleeding problems. It was also found that higher levels of this vitamin can actually cause absorption problems for other necessary nutrients, resulting in a lack of proper nutrition for the person taking the supplements. This imbalance in other nutrients can be dangerous, and medical professionals decided that it was safer to use a B vitamin complex instead of isolating one nutrient for the vitamin B5 acne treatments.

Safe Alternatives

Here at Healthy Skin Guide, we have worked hard to debunk the myths about skin treatments, and we suggest that you don’t waste your money on vitamin B5 acne treatments – they are not effective! We have looked at many of the products out there, and determined that there are certain natural ingredients that can be used to balance out the skin. One of the most effective brands available actually has all of the ingredients that we suggest using on the skin. This product is called Zenmed Skin Wash, and it can be used in combination with Derma Cleanse Acne Gel as a very effective combo to get rid of acne problems and keep your skin looking healthy and clear. Both products are sold in a kit together by Zenmed.

The reason these two products are so effective together is because the skin wash works to maintain a healthy environment all over. When it is used twice a day, it keeps the oil production at healthy levels and prevents new acne breakouts from occurring. Additionally, the gel is a great treatment for spot-checking specific areas that may be having problems. When this gel is applied it can help to speed up the healing process and prevent the area from permanently scarring.

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