Skin care companies have sold face cleansers and creams with vitamin B 5 acne treatment for many years, and users thought that these

vitamin B5 acne remedies were the best products around. But, the truth is that these acne products are not as effective as some people believe. It can be hard to distinguish the good products from the ineffective products, especially when people don’t take the time to research how the individual ingredients work.

In fact, the popularity of these products stemmed from good marketing practices by the companies selling the product. Even though the ingredient was advertised as effective, many people bought these products only to find that vitamin B5 acne treatments were not as good as they were hoping.

What are Vitamin B 5 Acne Treatments?

Vitamin B5 is actually “pantothenic acid,” which falls within the category of B vitamins. This water soluble vitamin is a necessary nutrient, and it was marketed as an acne treatment because of the fact that people suspected that acne was a result of a lack of specific nutrients. It was believed that these nutrients played a part in hormone balancing, and many people experienced acne as a result of hormone imbalances.

vitamin b 5 acne treatment

So, vitamin B5 acne treatments were sold to restore the balance of hormones in the body, and most of the products were designed to be taken internally. It was eventually discovered that the effectiveness of vitamin B 5 acne treatments were not substantiated… in fact, many people actually experienced negative side effects as a result of taking such high doses of B5. It was common for people using vitamin B5 acne treatments to experience extreme fatigue, because the high doses resulted in the body stripping out other nutrients that were present, such as vitamins B12, B6, and B3.

Better Treatment Options

Here at Healthy Skin Guide, our goal is to uncover the effective and ineffective skin remedies, and our research has shown that vitamin B 5 acne treatments should not be used because they are not effective. Don’t waste your time and money on these products, it is better to use a skin care product that is safe and effective.

We have found that the best treatment plans focus on external application of specific creams. These creams should have all natural ingredients that work to balance out the levels of hormones and oil in the skin.

One of the most effective products on the market is the Derma Cleanse System, which treats current acne problems and also prevents new blemishes from developing. The Derma Cleanse System includes an all-over skin cleanser, which helps to control oil production and keep the bacterial growth away; and an acne gel to spot-treat areas of the skin in order to help the blemishes quickly heal and prevent the area from scarring.

Using the combination of these products has been an affordable and effective treatment for numerous people. Some people who switched from vitamin B5 acne treatments to the Derma Cleanse System were amazed at the differences in their skin tone and the reduction in acne blemishes.

The natural ingredients in these products are effective because they work in synergy with the functions of the skin. Instead of drying out the area and causing flakiness and irritation, the products allow a good balance in the oil production levels and minimize on-location infections.

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