Treatment for deep acne scars is a bit more complex than treatment for shallow scars. The treatment deep acne scars respond to depends in part upon the depth of the scars. If you have deep scars, you’ll want to make sure to seek a treatment that is reported to work for that condition.

Any degree of acne can leave scars but often scars are shallow. Deep scars may result from severe cases of acne. They may result from bacteria in the skin pores. They may also result from picking at or popping pimples, because this opens a wound in the skin.

Understanding the causes of deep acne scars will allow you to help prevent them. Preventing scarring in the first place is best, because deep scars treatment can be difficult.

If you currently have acne, you’ll need to clear it up before seeking treatment for deep acne scars. For one thing, you may end up with more scarring later and require additional treatment. For another thing, treatments are simply less effective if you have active acne.

If you do have active acne, you can try over-the-counter products to relieve it. If that doesn’t work, you should see a dermatologist to discuss treatment options. There are a number of prescription medications that can help.

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Treatment for Deep Acne Scars

The typical treatment acne scars respond to for shallow scars, such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, don’t work well for deeper scars. That’s because those treatments rely on removing the top layer of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. The problem is that deep acne scars go beyond the surface level of the skin.

Laser treatments may or may not be effective for deep scars. Multiple treatments will be necessary, and at $3000 a pop, that may not be realistic for most people.

The most often recommended treatment for deep acne scars is known as the punch technique. A punch tool, like the ones used to take skin biopsies, is used to remove the scar and the immediate tissue surrounding it. This leaves a small hole in the skin. The skin can then be sutured closed.

An alternative to suturing the skin is a skin graft. The punch tool is used to remove a small piece of skin from elsewhere on the body and the skin is then fitted into the hole left when the scar was removed. The skin graft is taken from a less visible place on the body.

There may be light scarring from the punch technique, but it is far less visible than deep acne scars. It may be possible to remove that scarring using the techniques commonly used for shallow acne scars.

Another treatment deep acne scars may respond to is injectable fillers. It involves injecting the scar with a substance like collagen, hyaluronic acid, or synthetic substances. It fills in deep acne scars and also stimulates collagen production. This is less commonly done than the punch technique, probably because the response to the injections can be variable. Each person’s collagen forms differently, and you don’t want to overcorrect.

Treatment for deep acne scars using the punch technique can be quite costly because doctors usually charge per scar removed. A typical fee is $50 per scar. Unfortunately, most people with acne scars have multiple scars, so it really adds up.

Naturally many people prefer a deep acne scars treatment that is easier to use than the techniques described above. They also want something that it more affordable.

Recommended Product

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