It is known that rosacea and autonomic nervous system imbalance are related. At this time however, science is unable to explain why rosacea occurs. The cause is not known but several factors are apparent: genetics, stress, microorganisms, hormones, immunology, chemicals, and sun damage.

Before discussing the relationship between rosacea and autonomic nervous system imbalance, we will explain each in detail.

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This chronic, inflammatory skin disorder affects an estimated 1 in 20 Americans. It is not gender specific and has no definitive cause. Anyone can get rosacea, but individuals with fair skin who tend to flush or blush easily are believed to be at greatest risk. An outbreak generally involves sebaceous glands and the vascular as well as autonomic nervous systems. Swelling of the face, severe facial flushing and throbbing pain can last for hours, and the appearance of pustules and spider veins can continue for days or weeks at a time. Sometimes, rosacea is misdiagnosed as acne, and if not treated properly, can lead to a permanent, highly sensitized, red face.

Autonomic Nervous System

The organs of our body, such as the heart, stomach and intestines, are regulated by a part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is part of the peripheral nervous system and it controls many organs and muscles within the body. In most situations, we are unaware of the workings of the ANS because it functions in an involuntary, reflexive manner. For example, we do not notice when blood vessels change size or when our heart beats faster. However, some people can be trained to control some functions of the ANS such as heart rate or blood pressure.

The ANS helps regulate:

  • Muscles, such as those in the skin, around blood vessels and in the eyes.
  • The heart’s electrical activity and ability to contract.
  • The bronchium’s diameter (and thus air flow) in the lungs.
  • The secretion of insulin and the urinary and sexual functions.

Rosacea And Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

The exact relationship between rosacea and autonomic nervous system imbalance is not entirely understood. However, since the symptoms of rosacea are a direct result of the regulatory actions of the autonomic nervous system, there is a definite connection. Many believe that by correcting a possible imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, rosacea can be cured. This is presently the subject of studies at several universities and pharmaceutical companies. We will keep you updated on any new findings and information.

Many in the medical community believe that if you build up your immune system and strengthen the systems in your body, you can help bring your autonomic nervous system into its correct balance. This in turn can improve or eliminate rosacea symptoms, and possibly lead to a cure.

We will now discuss the possible cure for rosacea and autonomic nervous system imbalance.

Treatment For Rosacea And Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance

Conventional medicines for rosacea will not help. Conventional medicines only treat the symptoms of rosacea. They do not address the fundamental cause. This only provides temporary relief. In addition, most conventional topical treatments contain benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, lactic acid, propylene glycol or light mineral oil. These ingredients are in fact known irritants to rosacea. They may work in the short term, but can be quite disastrous to your condition in the long-term. In the long-term they can cause rosacea to worsen.

The only way to build up your immune system and strengthen your autonomic nervous system is to use the right natural treatments. Natural treatment for rosacea will detoxify and build up your body. When you detoxify your body, you expel the toxins from inside. This helps prevent the problems from coming back.

By building up your body, you do three important things:

  1. Increase and improve your blood circulation. This helps to nourish the skin damaged by rosacea, and helps prevent future reoccurrence.
  2. Help to balance your hormones, which helps prevent future breakouts.
  3. Build up your immune system. This helps fight off diseases.

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We believe natural treatments are your best options. They work better, and have none of the serious side effects of common rosacea medicines. They also provide other health benefits to your skin and body. For many people, using the right natural treatments will provide long-term relief from rosacea.

If you have any questions about rosacea and autonomic nervous system, or rosacea and autonomic nervous system imbalance, contact us.

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