There are many poison ivy remedies available. Often, people turn to over the counter medications to relieve the pain and irritation caused by this unseemly plant. But too often, these medications leave much to be desired. Perhaps a lot of suffering could be avoided if only there was a poison ivy pill that could protect us when we step outdoors.

Maybe you have experienced this scenario. You’re on your annual vacation camping trip. You decide to take a stroll through the woods. Later in the day, you develop a rash on your legs which soon begins to itch and burn. After applying over the counter poison ivy remedies, you find yourself still suffering. By the next day, your symptoms have not gone away and you wish there was a simple poison ivy pill to take.

A Common Ailment

This experience is not unique. In fact, about 50 million people annually develop a reaction to the plant. Most of these victims rely on a variety of poison ivy remedies such as medicinal ointments and lotions. When we engage in outdoor recreation, we are at great risk of coming in contact with poison ivy.

The severity of symptoms that an individual experiences vary as much as the different poison ivy remedies that are on the market. Some people feel very little effect while others develop a painful burning rash. The most sensitive individuals develop open sores that require medical attention. It isn’t clear exactly how one will react when exposed to the plant. What is clear is that treatment is often difficult. The solution would be simple if there was some kind of poison ivy pill that could stop the pain.

The painful effects of poison ivy are the results of an allergic reaction to oil contained in the plant know as urushiol. About half of the population has some degree of sensitivity to urushiol. When this oil gets on the skin, the body’s immune system responds to combat the irritant. Soon, the skin becomes irritated and inflamed. Most people soon become overwhelmed with the itching and discomfort and head for the local pharmacy in search of the best poison ivy remedies. (Poison ivy is not contagious; you can only get it by coming into contact with the plant).

Poison ivy can be more than an irritation; it can become dangerous when it is burned. When the fumes of the plant are inhaled, swelling and inflammation of the lungs often occur which can inhibit breathing. Firefighters who battle wild fire are often exposed to this hazard.

Learn To Identify And Avoid

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It is difficult to avoid poison ivy if you venture outdoors for recreation. However, learning to recognize the plant may help you to prevent encountering it. Poison ivy grows on a vine and usually has three spoon shaped leaves. It is often found near water and beaches. It is common throughout much of the United States.

If you do develop a reaction to poison ivy, wash the affected area immediately. This will often help to reduce the allergic affects. Medical attention is not usually necessary unless your symptoms are extreme. Most people end up trying a number of different poison ivy remedies. The results are often several days of intermittent pain and discomfort. Maybe some day, modern medicine will bring us instant relief with a poison ivy pill.

Recommended Product

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If you have tried a poison ivy pill or any other remedy, please share your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

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