In 2003, the treatment of laser acne therapy first became popular, because a study was conducted which showed that many people were able to find relief from mild acne problems with just one session of laser surgery acne treatment.

Since then, people have continued to use this high-tech treatment plan, although the popularity is beginning to fade as more people learn about the potential consequences and side effects of lasers on the skin.

How Laser Surgery Acne Treatment Works

When the laser comes in contact with the skin, the heat of the laser temporarily affects the oils glands in that area. This heat actually causes a small amount of damage to the glands, with the intention of reducing the oil supply because the gland is unable to produce as much oil as usual.

The truth is that there are actually two laser acne therapy methods that are used by dermatologists. Commonly, people use the terms ” laser acne therapy” and “laser surgery acne” interchangeably… but the first term actually refers to a method that attempts to reduce the oil production of the glands, and laser surgery acne refers to a treatment method used to remove acne scars. Both of these treatments are performed by a trained dermatologist.

Side Effects of Laser Treatment

Because these two types of laser treatment have only been around for a short period of time, the long-term side effects are unknown. It is possible that these hot lasers could actually cause damage to the skin, resulting in more skin problems than just acne.

Some people have experienced burned skin on the treatment area if a special cream was not applied before the laser acne therapy treatment. The most common side effects are redness of the skin, and the acne returning after a short period of time. Another complaint about the treatment is the cost, because it can be very expensive and a standard treatment protocol is three visits – and most insurance companies will not cover the cost.

The main concern by many medical professionals is the fact that laser treatment on the skin can cause premature aging of the skin, resulting in wrinkles instead of acne. Additionally, the laser treatments might increase the person’s risk of skin cancer… it may be even more dangerous than tanning beds.

Even though research studies are still being conducted about the effectiveness of these treatment plans, many people choose to stay away from these treatments because they don’t want to trade in their acne problems for more severe situations such as irreversible wrinkles or cancer.

Our Conclusions About Laser Treatments

We recognize that each person may respond differently to various treatment methods, and some people have experienced positive results from laser treatments. But, because of the cost of the treatments and the potential side effects that can occur, we suggest trying safer acne treatments first. It is not worth risking the long-term health of your skin!

The most effective, proven method that we have found for acne treatment is a combination of several products, which work to treat acne that has already developed as well as preventing future acne breakouts. These products are sold together in the Zenmed Acne Treatment Kit. Using these products together will help you to find relief from the acne that you have been experiencing, and long-term use of the products can be a great way to maintain clear and healthy skin.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about either laser acne therapy or laser surgery acne treatments, because there are many risks that need to be considered before you choose to move forward with these potentially harmful treatment plans.

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