This page contains information about ringworm, including the best cure for ringworm. Ringworm is a skin infection that is caused by a fungus. 

Ringworm can affect the skin anywhere on your body (tinea corporis), scalp (tinea capitis), feet (tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot), groin area (tinea cruris, or jock itch) or nails. Often ringworm is found in several places at once.

Ringworm most often affects children, but can affect people of all ages. It is a very common skin disorder, and is very contagious. It can be passed by direct skin to skin contact, or thru contact with contaminated items such as a brush, hat, towel, unwashed clothing, pool or shower surface. Ringworm can also be caught from an infected dog or cat.

Fortunately there is a very effective ringworm treatment. It is all natural, and the professionals associated with this site highly recommend it. For more information about the best cure for ringworm, follow this link to Phytozine. For additional information about ringworm, please continue reading.

Ringworm Information


Ringworm cure – Learn about the best and safest treatment for ringworm. Find out which treatment has the best results, and no side effects.

What does ringworm look like – Includes pictures of ring worm, general information about this disease, and treatment options.

Ringworm symptoms – Learn about the symptoms of ringworm. Also includes information on prevention and ringworm treatments.

Ringworm in children – Ringworn most often affects children, but can affect people of all ages. Learn how to recognize this fungus, and the best treatment option for children.

How to cure ringworm – Extensive information about ringworm, and the best treatment of ringworm. Learn the signs of this infection, and see why its important to start treatment immediately.

Ringworm causes – Learn about the causes of ringworm. Extensive information about ringworm, its symptoms, and the best treatment.

Cure for ringworm home remedy – Information about home remedies for ringworm. See if they work, or if there are better options. Tips and advice.

Natural remedies for ringworm – Learn about the best natural remedy for ringworm. See if natural ringworm treatment is your best option. Information on the signs and symptoms.

We have recently added some new pages on ringworm treatment. They include ringworm medicine and alternative ringworm treatments. As far as a home remedy for ringworm, please see our ringworm home remedy and bleach on ringworm pages. We do not feel that an home remedy is an effective treatment for ringworm. We also have several new pictures of ringworm. These pictures are human ringworm only. Please check back often as we will be updating these ring worm pages often.

If you have any additional questions about our recommended ringworm treatment, or any other ringworm treatments, please contact us.

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