People suffering from severe forms of acne are looking for a good cystic acne treatment, which needs to be a high quality treatment because not all of the acne options are effective for the root causes of cystic acne.

It is not uncommon for a person to try multiple treatment methods with no success, and only find themselves feeling frustrated and fearful that they will be forced to deal with this problem for the rest of their life.

Causes of Cystic Acne

There is a big difference in texture and appearance of cystic acne compared with regular acne. The cystic form results in hard bumps underneath the skin, and these bumps are filled with semi-liquid material. The infected areas are located in the oil gland area, and they are referred to “nodules” or “cysts.” When the infection occurs, the blockage in the oil gland bursts open which causes pus and inflammation to fill the surrounding tissue.

Cystic acne

Because these sores are so large and deep, they often cause severe scarring … which is why a cystic acne treatment should be used as quickly as possible. Typically, these infections do not rise to the surface of the skin, so they are slow to heal because the infectious material is not discharged.

If you experience this severe type of acne, then it is important to use a product which promotes faster healing as well as preventing future nodules in order to avoid severe scarring.

Medical professionals suspect that there may be multiple causes of cystic acne, and any of these factors may increase your risk of developing acne cysts:

  • Hormone Levels – especially during puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy.
  • Hygiene Practices – certain abrasive beauty products or over-washing the skin can cause the cysts to appear.
  • Picking or Touching Acne – when there is continued contact with an infected area of skin the infection may worsen causing a nodule to be present. This type of acne should never be squeezed.
  • Drugs – certain substances may increase the risk of cystic acne as a side effect to the drug.
  • Stress – when increased levels of stress are experienced it may affect hormonal levels within the body.
  • Environmental factors – sweating, grease and dirt, and polluted air can contribute to acne.

Cystic Acne Treatment Options

If any of the above risk factors apply to you, or if you have already experienced cystic acne, then there are a few specific steps which should be followed in order to clear the skin. It is very important that these cystic acne treatment methods are used as quickly as possible in order to prevent scarring.

Here at Healthy Skin Guide, we have dedicated a lot of time and resources to determine the best treatment options that are available. We discovered that for best results, a person suffering from severe acne should use products with natural ingredients that have proven to be effective. The products that are highest on our list of recommendations are in the Zenmed Acne Treatment Kit. We have found that using these natural products together is an effective way to clear up even the most severe acne.

The main advantage to the Zenmed product line is the fact that the natural ingredients work in harmony with the functions of the oil glands in your skin. Other chemical based treatment products may cause the skin to become more irritated, or they can dry out the glands, which causes them to produce even more oil than before. So, don’t risk the health of your skin by using a chemical based product, it is more prudent to apply a proven and effective natural cystic acne treatment.

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