Today’s Conventional Acne Medications May Be Addictive And Cause Long Term Side-Effects

First let’s briefly discuss some of today’s most common acne medicine:

Retin-A: A vitamin A-based acne treatment that breaks up the plugged follicle and prevents new eruptions from occurring. Side effects include redness, dryness, and peeling of the skin. It may also increase your sensitivity to the sun, wind and cold. It can cause discoloration if you have dark skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide: One of the most widely used acne medicines that destroys and inhibits the growth of P. Acnes and helps to reduce the production of sebum. Side effects can include irritation of skin, redness, blistering. It can have a bleaching effect on hair and clothing.

Salicylic Acid: Mild and one of the safe acne treatments that helps to get rid of excess dead skin cells and open clogged pores. It is also commonly used for the treatment of warts.

Accutane: The most “intense” acne medicine of all is Accutane. Accutane is effective against all types of acne, even the most severe acne cysts. It treats acne by inhibiting the production of sebum. The side effects include severe dryness to the skin, dry or cracked lips, dry mouth, dry nose, itching, joint pains, nosebleed. Also, more importantly, it should never be used by woman who is pregnant for there is a possible risk of a birth defect.

Are These Medications Safe?

Acne Medicine

Most people with acne try these medications first. These over the counter and prescription medications are extensively advertised on television and in magazines, so when you get acne you think of them first. However, you must be careful as these medications can be addictive and can have severe side effects. They only offer you short-term solutions and do not give the long-lasting results that you need.

More importantly, what most doctors fail to tell you is that those acne medicines all share common side effects of skin dryness and irritations, and may end up hurting your skin more than helping you in the long run. The long term effects of these bleaching agents and acids on the skin are still unknown. Many health care professionals believe they cause premature aging of the skin, and can leave the skin vulnerable to cancers caused by the sun.

Also too much use of these products can damage our inner health as antibacterial agents may destroy the healthy bacteria of our immune system. Therefore you shouldn’t use these acne medications excessively. But since they offer short-term acne solution, most people with acne continue to use them for months or even years.

Safe Acne Treatment

The good news is that there are alternatives that provide a more effective and safer solution. We have been recommending a product for several years now for the treatment of acne. It contains only natural and safe ingredients, and the results have been remarkable. That product is the Zenmed Acne Treatment Kit. You can follow the link to learn more about it, and see how it can help you.

There is no reason to use dangerous medications when there are safer alternatives. Give the Zenmed Acne Treatment Kit a try and you will see the results you are looking for.

If you have questions about a medication we have discussed, please contact us. If you want our opinion regarding any other acne medication, please feel free to write.

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