blue light acne treatment

The blue light acne treatment is one of the newest ways to treat skin care problems such as acne and cysts, and this acne light treatment has been an interesting development in the skin care industry, because previous to the invention of this product there were only skin creams and internal medications that were available for acne treatment.

History of Acne Light Treatment

This acne product was originally approved in 2002 by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) by a company called Lumenis Inc in Santa Clara, CA. Even though the product is sold by a company based in California, the original research, as well as the development and production actually occurred in Israel. The product was named ClearLight, and it has been on the market as one of the most popular skin care products available.

How Blue Light Acne Treatment Works

The acne light treatment has an ultra violet light, which is often referred to as a blue light. When the skin is exposed to the UV light it may help to reduce the acne outbreaks and help the skin to heal faster. The reason this treatment works so well is because of the fact that the light can penetrate through the skin, to the area where the bacteria collects in the hair follicles.

Acne and blemishes are often caused by bacteria growth within the oil producing hair follicles, so getting rid of the bacteria can help to reduce the skin irritations that occur. When the light is used, it affects the porphyrin, which is a metabolic byproduct of the bacteria. This interaction causes the porphyrins to react by producing oxygen, and the increased oxygen production within the sebaceous glands naturally kills the bacteria.

So, the blue light acne treatment was designed to be used on the skin on a regular basis in order to minimize the bacteria growth. It has been found that the acne light treatment may be effective for up to four months, which means that using this treatment 3 times per year might be an effective way to reduce acne.

Drawbacks of Acne Light Treatment

You may think that this treatment sounds too good to be true… and there are many negative effects of this light treatment that need to be considered. First of all, it is extremely expensive. One treatment session can cost as much as $800, which is a lot of money to be spending every few months. Most insurance companies consider this treatment to be a cosmetic procedure, so they do not pay for any of the costs associated with it.

Additionally, it has been suggested that blue light acne treatment might actually cause premature aging of the skin, resulting in an increased risk of skin cancer. Some medical professionals have even suggested that the light treatment is more dangerous than a tanning bed!

It is not worth reducing acne breakouts only to increase your risk of skin cancer, because skin cancer is much more dangerous. Here at Health Skin Guide, we recommend that everyone avoid the blue light acne treatment and use a safe natural alternative instead.

There are other effective, safe, and proven methods that support the health of your skin instead of damaging it. Our favorite product is the Acne Treatment Kit by Zenmed. It includes a cleanser that helps to fight the bacteria and acne causing elements with all natural ingredients, and a spot treatment. You will find that using these two products together provides the best remedy for a great price.

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