If you are looking for a good back acne treatment, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Back acne, also known as “bacne” or “backne”, can be a very embarrassing health condition, and many people don’t realize that the treatment process for bacne is different than for facial acne. In fact, it is common for a person to be able to successfully treat their facial acne with a specific product or treatment method, only to find that the same product doesn’t work on their back.

What Makes Acne On Your Back Different

The main reason that acne on your back is different than breakouts on the face is because the skin on that area of the body is thicker than facial skin. As a result, it is more difficult to find a back acne treatment that can penetrate deep enough into the skin to get rid of the buildup and infection down below.

The most common time in life to experience acne on the back is during puberty, and males are at a higher risk than females. When bacne occurs, it is a result of imbalanced hormone levels that affect the oil production in the sebaceous glands. These glands begin to produce an excess of oil, which causes the skin pores to become clogged. Often, bacteria collected in the clogged areas causes a localized infection.

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Another cause of acne on the back may be the type of clothing that the person is wearing. When tight, constricting clothing is worn, it aggravates the back area and may prevent the skin from breathing. This lack of air, as well as irritation on the skin, may result in the oil building up under the skin, and dead skin cells remaining in the clogged pores.

Even though people talk about a back acne treatment plan, the truth is that they often need treatment for more areas than just their back – it is also common for the acne to occur on the shoulders, neck, buttocks and legs. Generally, this type of acne goes away in time when the hormone levels balance out, but most people don’t want to wait for several years to find relief from their backne problems.

Best Back Acne Treatment

There are many products that claim to have a good treatment plan for bacne, but the truth is that not all of those treatment products are created equal. Here at healthy skin guide we have taken the time to research the best back acne treatment options, and we found that there are two crucial steps that must be followed in order to find long-term relief from acne on your back:

First, the area should be cleansed with a quality cleanser containing natural ingredients, such as the Zenmed Body Cleanser. Second, the problem areas should be spot-treated with an on-location treatment such as Derma Cleanse Acne Gel. Using these two products together is one of the best combinations that you can find.

One of the biggest concerns that people have about acne on their back is the fact that they have a difficult time applying the products to their own back. This problem can be overcome by finding a family member or friend who may be willing to help you apply the product. Or, some people prefer to do it on their own using a scrubber with a long handle to cleanse, and Q-Tips or cotton swabs to reach the problematic areas with the gel treatment.

Don’t wait for your bacne to go away on it’s own, because it’s not likely to do so without proper treatment. If you are prone to acne scars be sure to use ClearSkin in conjunction with a scar prevention product.

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