Preventing acne can be very difficult. These acne prevention tips will help. In addition to acne treatments, here are some things you can do to minimize breakouts.

Wash Your Skin Gently

Most people think they have to cleanse their skin deep and hard to prevent acne. This isn’t true. When you wash you need to be very careful about how hard you press or rub your face. If you press to hard it will irritate your skin. This can also break open any pimples that you currently have. So, be sure to press lightly when washing and drying your face.

We have found a cleanser and treatment kit that works extremely well. We recommend it to all of our readers, and have seen remarkable success. It is the Derma Cleanse System. It does not irritate or dry the skin, and is excellent for acne prevention. Follow the link to see if its right for you.

Don’t Pop Those Zits

The first rule of all acne treatments is not to pop pimples. By breaking them open you can leave scars and cause more infection. Not irritating pimples is very important for acne prevention.

Avoid Stress

This will be one of the hardest things to do for acne prevention. Stress often causes you to have a breakout. You need to make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy, and take time to have some fun.

Acne Prevention

Wear Loose Clothing

Irritation of the skin from things like tight clothing can cause breakouts. Loose clothing is very important because it will allow for less irritation from the clothing itself. If you work out, tight clothing will cause the sweat and oil to be absorbed into your skin more then it needs to be. This can make acne worse.

Things To Avoid

• Avoid things that may aggravate your acne such as oils, airborne grease, excessive sweating.

• Avoid thick, greasy make-up over affected areas. Some make-up is acceptable but try to choose “non-comedogenic” cosmetics if possible.

• Do not use harsh soaps when washing face. Vigorously washing and scrubbing will irritate your skin and only make your acne worse.

• Avoid strongly fragranced or alcohol based products.

• Avoid hair sprays or gels, try to keep them away from your face, as they can also clog up pores.

• Acne is not helped by the sun. Some people think the sun will dry out pimples. This is not true. Although a suntan can temporarily make acne look less severe, it won’t help it go away permanently.

• Avoid wearing hats or headbands that rub on your forehead, since this can also make acne worse.

• Avoid touching your face a lot, as your hands have oil on them and this can make acne worse.

These acne prevention tips are a good start for reducing acne breakouts and severity. It is also important to use an effective acne treatment. We have been recommending a product for several years now for the treatment of acne. It contains only natural and safe ingredients, and the results have been excellent. That product is the Derma Cleanse System. Follow the link to learn more about it, and how it can help you.

By taking all the necessary steps, and using the right acne treatment, you can greatly reduce or eliminate your acne problem.

If you have any questions about prevention or our recommended acne treatments, please contact us.

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