To avoid long-term damage to your skin, severe acne remedies are important if you are experiencing major skin problems.

Once you find acne treatments that work, you will feel happier about your appearance and more confident about yourself. The problem is that not all skin care products are effective at reducing the inflammation and irritation, and some of the cheaper brands available at the grocery store may actually cause more problems with your skin.

In order to identify the best acne treatments that work, it is necessary to first understand how acne forms and the types of acne that may occur in order to determine if mild or severe acne remedies are needed.

Acne Formation

There are actually different types of skin irritations that people experience, but they all result from one root problem: blocked hair follicles. Within the hair follicle is a sebaceous gland that produces oil to moisten and protect your skin. Sometimes, the oil production is too much or the follicle may become blocked as a result of dead skin cells, resulting in an irritated area.

This blockage may stay below the skin, or the skin may begin to bulge as a result of the pressure underneath the skin. The reason that it is important to understand the type of acne that you have is because severe acne remedies are not always needed for some of the mild forms that many people experience.

Mild/Moderate Acne Types

The mild/moderate types of acne include:

  • Whiteheads, which are small white spots that appear on the surface of the skin.
  • Blackheads, a partially blocked pore that turns dark as a result of the air coming in contact with the melanin (skin pigment) in the sebum.
  • Pustules, red circles with a yellow or white center.
  • Papules, which are raised, inflamed tiny areas of skin with no head or white/yellow coloring.

There may be different types of acne treatments that work for mild/moderate forms of acne because the problem is typically near the surface of the skin.

Severe Acne Types

There are two main types of acne that fall within the severe acne remedies range:

  • Nodules, which are much larger than the mild/moderate types of acne and they can be very painful. Nodules may last for extended periods of time, and they often have a hard bump beneath the skin surface. Usually this type of acne causes a scar after it heals.
  • Cysts, which are very similar to nodules, except instead of a hard bump under the skin it is pus-filled. These are also very painful, and typically leave scars.
severe acne remedies

With these types of acne, it is very important that you use severe acne remedies instead of trying to treat the problem by squeezing the problem area. The initial reaction is to squeeze it to release the pressure, but this act often causes the skin to become even more damaged resulting in more severe scarring. Additionally, squeezing the affected area may cause an infection to spread, and make the problem worse.

Acne Treatments That Work

Finding acne treatments that work is a matter of locating a skin care product that contains safe, healing ingredients that will help the irritation to go away without damaging the skin. Some of the products that are available may actually cause even more irritation of the skin, because the acne creams contain chemicals that are harsh on your skin. Luckily, there are some products that use only high quality ingredients to help you achieve the healthiest, clearest skin possible. Using a high quality skin product will help you to find long-term relief from your acne problems.

Best Treatments for Acne Skin Care

As you research acne skin care treatments, you will find that there are literally hundreds of skin care products to choose from. It is important to pick the best product, because some of the products work better than others.

Here at healthy skin guide, we have spent years studying the effectiveness of many of the skin care treatments that are available– and we discovered that the best way to maintain healthy skin is by using a natural, healing treatment. Sticking with a natural treatment plan will help you to avoid the side-effects of over the counter and prescription medications, and these natural treatments will help you to achieve the best skin health possible.

The best skin care program should focus on prevention and treatment at the same time. We suggest using the Zenmed Acne Treatment Kit. Their combination of products is an effective way to get rid of acne once and for all.

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