Is Tar Cream Safe To Use?

There has been a lot written about the safety of using tar cream psorasis (psoriasis). Tar cream has been a psorasis treatment for many years, and was always considered a safe (although messy) and effective treatment.

That changed in 2002, when the state of California required products containing tar to have cancer-warning labels. Some countries, such as Norway, have taken it a step further and have banned all forms of coal tar. The FDA has banned the use of tar in cosmetics and makeup, but not medicines.

So is tar safe to use? Well that still is a matter of debate. Common sense would indicate that it could be dangerous, and should be avoided if possible.

We believe that since there are other products that you can use, there is no reason to take a chance and use tar cream psorasis.

We will now go over some information about psoriasis, and then discuss safer treatments.

What Is Psorasis

Psoriasis is a long term (chronic), inflammatory disorder of the skin. It is not contagious, and affects about 2% of the world’s population. Psoriasis can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can worsen the condition.

Psoriasis can occur anywhere on the body, but is most commonly found on the scalp, elbows, knees, hands, and feet. Psoriasis causes the skin to become red and itchy, and often the skin is covered with scales and flakes.

What causes someone to suffer from psoriasis is unknown. Most researchers agree that the immune system, for unknown reasons, is mistakenly triggered, which in turn speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells.

Since we have discussed the dangers of tar cream psorasis, lets go over the other options.

Psorasis Treatment

There is no cure for psoriasis, so the goal of psorasis treatments is to limit the regularity and severity of outbreaks. The problem with this is that most psoriasis medications have severe side effects, and are not safe to use long term. For example, steroids can cause skin thinning and can damage internal organs. Drugs like Dovonex and Cyclosporine have severe side effects that include worsening of the psoriasis, stinging or burning. And using phototherapy leaves the skin more susceptible to skin cancer.

As a result, many people look into natural treatments. Natural treatments have no side effects, and often work better than psoriasis medications.

Many medical researchers believe that natural treatments will eventually lead to a cure for psoriasis. The rationale is that since psoriasis affects the immune system, if you could build up and strengthen your immune system, it is possible to permanently cure psoriasis.

Medications can’t strengthen your immune system, but natural treatments can.

At Healthy Skin Guide, we strongly believe that natural treatments are your best option.

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We have conducted an extensive search for a safe and effective natural psorasis treatment. After much time and effort, we have finally found a treatment that we are confident in recommending.

It is a two-step treatment. Thena Healing Cream is used topically for relief from the symptoms of psoriasis. Additionally, Zenmed Skin Support Supplement is taken to build up the immune system. These all-natural treatments combine to address the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. They work together to build up your immune system.

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If you have any questions about tar cream psorasis, please write to us. If you have used tar cream or any tar product and want to share your experience with our readers, please contact us.

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