How to treat poison ivy is a dilemma that has plagued mankind for hundreds of years. A search for a natural remedy for poison ivy can take the seeker on a seemingly endless quest revealing hundreds of thought provoking remedies people have used to try to alleviate the agony of this skin rash, and answer the question of how to treat poison ivy.

An effective treatment for poison ivy, some people believe, lies in the jewelweed plant. This natural remedy for poison ivy requires first locating the plant. It must be harvested, whole, and washed thoroughly. It is then chopped into pieces and dried. A tea is then made using one cup of water to one teaspoon of the dried plant.

We are warned that the tea is said to taste terrible. The addition of honey or sugar seems to be necessary to make this natural remedy for poison ivy palatable.

There must be a better way to treat poison ivy.

While it is not recommended in this article other practitioners actually suggest taking a tiny piece of a poison ivy leaf, the size of a pinhead, and placing that inside a capsule. One of these capsules is ingested one or two times a week in an effort to help build up immunity to poison ivy. These practitioners warn that eating the leaf of a poison ivy plant could very likely be fatal, and also recommend that the patient cease the treatment if they develop a rash. This may be an interesting natural remedy for poison ivy, but it does not seem to be a prudent way to treat poison ivy in reality.

An interesting treatment that some believe answers the question of how to treat poison ivy rash can be found in the honeybee. The Complete Guide to Natural Healing by Imp, inc. reveals that this natural remedy for poison ivy evolved in the fifth century BC and the teachings of Hippocrates. Hippocrates taught that the answer to questions of healing in general could be found in ‘similars.’ It was thought that the cause of an ailment may be the remedy for it, as well.

Following this thought process, poison ivy exposure causes a burning, stinging, itching, and painful rash more severe, but not unlike the reaction of our body to a bee’s sting. Bee’s venom was then used to treat bee sting-like ailments. Some have felt that Apis, or honeybee, is the solution to the problem of how to treat poison ivy. Apis is made from the whole body of the honeybee. This natural remedy for poison ivy however, has not been proven to be effective.

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